Why I Love Genealogy -- Just 140 words

Posted 2013-10-07 by Madonna Davis

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It’s ironic that some of the most important events of our lives are not even noticed while they are happening but seen so clearly while looking back. One hundred and forty words…just one hundred and forty words. It’s amazing that a feature I sought out every day – a neat column of black letters typeset precisely, inked on a plate, and rolled over newsprint paper would send me on a never ending journey of discovery into the past.

These one hundred and forty words encompassed the obituary of my great-grandfather. A man I had never met but one whose life and exploits I had heard about throughout my childhood. One hundred and forty words cannot sum up a person’s life, but they did provide me with the raw material to piece together parts of my family’s past and in the process land me in libraries, graveyards, museums, and government offices…poring through books, maps, wills and electronic databases trying to find that elusive clue to piece together the stories of my family.

Well as time passes so many of the stories I’ve discovered so far have been fascinating, historically relevant, but would likely be lost except for my new found passion. I and the Kicking Up the Past team are very excited to have this opportunity to engage the passions of history lovers everywhere with this amazing Kickstarter project.